About Us

Our research laboratory has been established as a joint research department of NEC and Osaka University in April 2016 aiming at the integration of the next-generation HPC and HPDA including Big Data analysis.
We will make a research on a wide variety of HPC and HPDA applications and its computer platforms leveraging the experience and know-how acquiring through the operation of the Cybermedia Center.

Our Research

We are working on the research and development of advanced and high-performance computing system architecture based on hetelogeneous computing technology including vector, scala, GPU/FPGA accelaretors and new non-volatile memories as a basic platform of the big-scale, complex, diverse and dynamic future society.

With experience and know-how obtained from operating large-scale computer and network infrastructure of the Cybermedia Center, we focus on the computing system which is practical and beneficial to solve problems in real world.

At the same time we contribute to the Cybermedia Center making next-generation high performance computing and network community for social solutions.